Pinkstriped Oakworm

(Anisota virginiensis) - The larvae are gray, green, or tan with dull brown, yellow, or light pink stripes. The insect’s head is larger than the rest of the body. A pair of black, fleshy filaments protrude outwards from just behind the head. The abdomen is covered in scales. The inside of the mouth is yellow. Each leg is partially translucent. The pupa are dark brown.The adult females are larger than the males. The female’s body is covered in a bevy of fine, bright orange to yellow hair-like structures. The wings are covered in thin scales, and are nearly transparent. A thick band of pink or dull purple is apparent at the wing margins. The male’s torso is a purple-brown color. The hindwing is splotched with red. Both genders feature a characteristic white cell spot in the center of the forewing.

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